Benefits of Having Your Newborn Photography Session at Home

Part of the Katie Schneider Photography experience is having your newborn portraits done in the convenience and comfort of your home (professional studio available also). My clients frequently comment how wonderful this service is. I provide in home newborn photography in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky. 

Let's talk about the benefits of having your newborn photo session in your home. 

1) In Home Newborn Photography Provides a Comfortable Environment

Newborn photography in your home provides a comfortable and convenient location for newborn portraits. Having your newborn photographer come to your home reduces the stress of getting everyone ready for a photo session. Being at home is especially convenient if you have older children. They can play with their toys, have a snack, or take a nap.

I bring everything we need, including newborn props, blankets, wraps and outfits. You can rest on the couch, grab a cup of coffee or tea, or take care of a few tasks while I photograph your baby.

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"Having Katie come to our home for newborn photos was invaluable! We loved how she was able to recreate a studio look and feel in our home. The canvas gallery we ordered looks incredible in our living room. We loved the whole experience!" -Susan

2) Your Home is an Intimate Setting for Newborn Photography

Using features of your home such as the nursery, the living room, and even your master bedroom provides a unique setting for your newborn photographs. The photos are personalized to your family! 

But what about all that newborn baby mess? No need to clean up! I have photographed many newborn sessions in homes. My expertise in finding great locations in your home will result in beautiful newborn portraits. For most of the photos, you will never be able to tell that they were even done at home. 

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"It was important for us to capture our new family in our new home. Katie expertly used the features of our house to create beautiful newborn photos. The photos were composed in such a way that you don't even see all the baby stuff lying around. The newborn photos are so special to us because they were taken in our home!" -Amy

3) Newborn Photography at Home Provides a Safe Environment 

Taking the newborn portraits at home reduces exposing the newborn's vulnerable immune system to the outside world.

Having two children of my own and years of experience in working with newborns and young children, I understand the vulnerability of a newborn's immune system.

Newborn safety is my top priority. Safe, simple, and comfortable poses are used for your delicate new baby. I take careful precautions to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of my props, tools, and equipment.

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"My favorite part was watching Katie work with our newborn . She was so gentle and caring and did a phenomenal job making sure he was as content as possible. She has a very easy going and calming personality." -Liz

4) Opportunity to Design Your Newborn Portraits

You will see, touch, and feel the high quality heirloom products during the during the Design Consultation. You will think about how you would love to display your portraits in your home. We will talk in more detail about where the large wall portrait of your new family will go. And, we will gush over the detailed, up close photos of your newborn's sweet face that will go into your heirloom newborn album or the luxury collection box.

These are important elements that I take into consideration during the photo session to ensure that I capture the perfect images for the products you will invest in.

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"We fell in love with the Luxury Collection Box during the Design Consultation. The collection of images of the newborn, the detail shots, and the family portraits provided everything we wanted to capture during the newborn photo session. We knew exactly what poses we needed to focus on during the photo session, which made it smooth and effortless." -Jen and John  

From a comfortable and an intimate environment to reduced stress of having to leave the house with a newborn baby, your home is the perfect location for your newborn portraits. I do everything I can to make the session relaxing, comfortable, and fun. And, I promise that you will end up with a set of beautiful newborn portraits that you can proudly display in your home. We will design beautiful artwork that will grace your walls and shelves for many years to come. Read more about what to expect for your newborn portrait session!

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