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October 1, 2015

Figuring out what to wear for family photos can become just as challenging as finding the right photographer to photograph your family. However, it does not have to be! Follow my simple rules to create picture worthy outfits. 

1. Pick a Base Color - pick a neutral color like black, brown, grey, denim to connect everyone. Mix and match to have some people wear the color on the bottom, on top, in a dress, tights, scarf, etc. Then, add some pops of color.

2. Add in an Accent Color - this is the pop of color, which can be bright spring colors (green, yellow, blue) for the Spring or darker and deeper colors (orange, burgundy, purple, navy) for the Fall. Pair with jeans or khakis.

3. Coordinate, but Don't Match - pick one color and coordinate with the whole family. The color doesn't have to be exact, a shade lighter or a shade darker will work. The family coordinates and has a color connection. Color can be in a shirt, scarf, accessory, bow, etc. Keep styles similar. All casual or all dressy.

4. Layer - dress appropriate for the weather (especially when taking photos outside). Layering with sweaters or scarfs adds dimension and can be removed or added if too hot or too cold. Keep layers simple and light to avoid adding extra weight.

5. Personalize - each person picks something that makes their outfit special and reflects their personality. This can be done through accessories, scarves, watches, cuffs, ties, boots, headbands, etc.

Let's look at a holiday like Valentine's Day, where bold colors are popular! Here are some examples of outfits for children to wear for Valentine's Day photos. Red and pink count as accent colors. Start with neutral colors and splash in some pops of color with reds and/or pinks.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

These simple rules for what to wear for family photos can be applied to any type of photography, in any location, and in any season. Choose clothing that fits well, complements your body type, and most importantly, makes you feel comfortable. Personalize with accessories to really bring out the essence and personality of your family during your family photo session.

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