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August 1, 2016

Celebrating a first birthday with an outdoor summer smash cake session at French Park was a perfect way to tell this family’s story. When the mom and I talked about the location for smash cake and family photos, she mentioned that they had their maternity photos done at French Park. How perfect was it to have the first birthday photos done at the same location as the maternity photos? The decision was made!

French Park is one of my favorite locations for just about any photo session because it offers so many different backgrounds. The French House is great for family photos. The wildflower field is a great height for providing a beautiful backdrop for baby and toddler photos. And, you can’t forget the trails and mature trees.

The day of the smash cake photos was very hot! The sun was blazing in the afternoon. Everyone was hot and sweaty. We focus on staying in the shade. The whole family and I worked together to make sure the birthday girl was staying cool and hydrated.

We started by the wildflower field, under the trees. I really love the photos of miss C in the white summer dress on a blanket. She was playing with a yellow flower and we captured some precious photos. Very classic and timeless photo!

Then, we went up the hill to get some fun balloon photos in between the rows of trees. Miss C absolutely loved playing with the balloons. We also brought out the cake for the smash cake portion at the top of the hill. One of the best parts of the smash cake is that you never quite know what the 1 year old is going to do with the cake. Miss C started digging a hole in the cake, eating her way through the inside.

This summer smash cake session at French Park was a great mix of scenes and backgrounds. From the classic family photos to the smash cake photos, this family is left with some great memories captured through photos.

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