Simple Smash Cake Session with a Cupcake | cincinnati children photographer

March 5, 2016

Smash cakes are one of my favorite sessions to photograph! Keeping a simple smash cake setup is best for focusing on the subject, which is the baby and the cake. The hat provided some color and decoration, but was quickly taken off by the little boy. So, we focused on the boy and the big cupcake!

To create the simple smash cake setup, we used natural light, a white sheet, and a crib. The curtains and shades were pulled back to allow the most natural light to come inside. The crib was move to the opposite side of the room, away from the window. A white sheet was secured to the crib. 

This handsome little guy started off slowly with a small bite of frosting. After a few minutes, he went in for the frosting himself and really liked to squeeze in his hands. 

The simple smash cake session had some prop photos before the cake was introduced. Remember to do any posed and prop shots before the smash cake!

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