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May 15, 2016

Photographing this 6 month old red headed baby boy with blue eyes was such a joy! I could have photographed him all day long. We chose a natural light studio with lots of options for backdrops and props. 

The 6 month old age is one of the best ages for professional photos because the baby is usually able to sit up on their own, or with a bit of assistance, plus they are more interactive. You can usually get a 6 month old baby to smile by just looking at them and smiling. 

This family and I go back quite a bit. I photographed this little boy even before he was born! My first maternity session in the back yard was when he was still in his mama's pregnant belly. Months later, he is such an easy baby to photograph. He was all smiles! He was curious! When he was lying down on the furry blanket on the bed, he could not stop being fascinated by the furriness of it. At the end of the session, his dad tickled him to get some wonderful baby giggles. 

The session was pure joy! The photographs still bring a smile to my face. Photographs help me to slow down and to "smell the flowers." To remember the moments that pass too quickly. To look back on a point in time and remember. Whether I am photographing my own family or someone else's family, the photos always have an impact on me. 

Kids grows up way too fast. Those moments are gone so quickly. However, photographs help us to remember all those little moments that can be forgotten so easily. They capture real life. They tell the story of the baby and the family at that point in time. These photographs of a red headed baby boy will stick with me for years!

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