First Birthday Photos - The Trio Frame

Clients have been loving the Trio Frame lately! It's a beautiful piece that looks gorgeous on any wall. Great for clients who want something unique that they won't see at everyone else's home. Also great for clients who prefer more traditional, framed portraits on the wall. You cannot go wrong when you choose to order the Trio Frame.

What makes this piece unique? The fine-art watercolor paper, the hand-torn edges, the double matting, and the float framing. A perfect way to display 3 images to tell your story!

RJ's first birthday photo session took place the Mill Street Studio. A beautiful studio with a unique look that you won't find anywhere else. 

This gorgeous Trio Frame tells the story of the family's history at this moment in time. Because, one month from now, RJ will look and act completely different. The Trio Frame will live on the wall for a long time. 

Don't miss out on documenting these moments.

Instead, enjoy beautiful photographs that will last forever!

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