Diamonds & Dimples Chic Baby Boutique

A common question from my clients is what to wear for their portraits. Not only do you have to think about coordinating the family's outfits, but you also have to think about what exactly to wear. The task of finding beautiful outfits that will look gorgeous in the photographs does not have to be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for an adorable outfit for your baby or coordinating outfits for your children, Diamonds & Dimples chic boutique offers high quality, fashionable clothing for child photos

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This chic baby boutique is located in Fort Thomas, KY, convenient for both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky families.

As I took a stroll through the store, I came upon gorgeous items that would be perfect for child and family portraits. Here are some of my favorites. 

Let's start off with this super adorable outfit for first birthday photos. There is even an outfit for a second birthday! The pink dotted tutu skirt paired with the shirt with the 1 on it would photograph beautifully for first year photos! I love how the owner, Denise, pairs headbands and accessories with each outfit. Golf flower headband to match the first birthday outfit for a girl.

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Lots of options for adorable girl dresses for photos. Ruffle Butts dresses paired with Clever Girls Boutique headbands are great options for little girls. Of course, there are matching Rugged Butts outfits for boys.

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This Rugged Butts boys hat would look dapper on any baby or toddler boy! Denise can help you find matching outfits for all of your children so they coordinate perfectly.

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Diamonds & Dimples carried a lot of accessories for newborn and child portraits. From flower headbands to mini birthday hats, you can find exactly what you are looking for. I love these small birthday hats for a smash cake session. The mini birthday hats on the left would be adorable for newborn photos.


Diamonds & Dimples carries a full line of high quality, adorable swim suits for girls and boys, toys, and accessories. If you are looking for high-quality, beautiful outfits that will photograph well for your next portrait session, visit Diamonds & Dimples chic boutique. You will not leave empty handed!

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