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Cincinnati Newborn Photography

There is something absolutely special and unique about Newborn Photography. Making the investment to capture those precious newborn moments will pay off for years to come. The newborn stage is such a short period of time. You will never get the opportunity to capture those important, one-of-a-kind moments again. Once the newborn starts gaining weight, they start looking more like a baby and less like a newborn. Newborn photography gives you an opportunity to hold those brand-new-baby images in your heart long after your baby has outgrown the newborn stage.

My newborn photography style ranges from lifestyle, documentary photos to posed in prop photos. Natural and subtle posing is used to capture the brand new family or the newly expanded family – photos like you holding and snuggling your precious newborn, your husband holding your newborn baby, any siblings with the newborn and your family as a whole.

For the newborn, my focus is on poses that look comfortable, realistic, and very safe. I love a natural look, so I use natural and simple props like baskets, buckets, and natural looking blankets and rugs. I add a pop of color with wraps and blankets. You get photos that are focused on the beauty of your baby and your baby’s tiny features!

Whether focusing on lifestyle photography or posed photography for the newborn session, I love natural poses and genuine expressions. Subtle posing ensures that you will look your best and allows for portrait style photos that are great for hanging on the wall or covering an album to share with family and friends.

Being one of Cincinnati’s Newborn Photographers is a special honor! You invite me into your home and your brand new family to capture your life and tell your story. We work together to determine your home décor style – what types of colors do you have in your home, what types of stores you would shop at for home décor, etc. These details about your home help to tailor the photo session to your and to capture your family’s story. After all, we are telling the story of your newly expanded family!

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